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SEO Audits For The Healthcare Industry

A strong SEO presence will lead to more customers for your practice. With over 25 years in combined experience in marketing and SEO for Healthcare, we know how to make that happen.

Our expert SEO team will provide a detailed audit showing you the technical issues of your site, on-page quick wins and opportunities for better results in your area of practice.

The Best Tools & SEO Experience

We use the world’s leading tools and programs for SEO analysis coupled with 20+ years of SEO experience to generate incredible insight. At the end of our analysis and audit, we submit a detailed report on our findings, which includes clear and informed recommendations about the next steps to take.

Create Your Battle Plan

With a Basic SEO Audit by Tondo Digital, you will have complete clarity about where your site is performing well and poorly so you can start doing things better.

Our Basic SEO Audits are anything but basic. They are designed to give you complete clarity about where you need to focus your time and energy to improve your ability to attract customers.

Using industry-leading tools and experience, we will be able to provide insight into the strengths and pitfalls of your site – so you can develop a strategy for success.

Comprehensive SEO Audits for the Healthcare Industry

In this audit, we look at what’s really important. Not just data either. A real strategy that our team will pour hours into. Where are the holes in your rankings? What are the long-tail and niche keyword opportunities? Plus content development opportunities and more.

If attracting more customers to your Healthcare business matters to you, this is the audit you are looking for!

Bespoke Success Strategies

A Comprehensive SEO Audit will outline a custom plan for you to dominate the rankings for your area of practice and attract more customers to your Healthcare business.

A Comprehensive SEO Audit undertaken by the team at Tondo Digital takes the analysis from the Basic Audit to the next level. With a Comprehensive Audit, we will research, strategise and outline the exact steps you need to take to improve your SEO ranking online.

What Do We Look For?

The Comprehensive Audit looks at all the opportunities, including content development opportunities, and any other opportunities we can see that you can implement as quickly as possible to gain competitive advantage and ranking improvements.

There is no template for what we do. Our audits are based on unique systems and frameworks that our team has developed after being in the game for 25+ years. Behavioural Keyword Mapping™ and the SEO Alignment Matrix™ are industry-leading SEO systems for success.

Unlock consistent organic leads and grow your Healthcare business with a Comprehensive SEO Audit.

What's Included?

A free audit from Tondo Digital is more detailed than you might think. We collect campaign critical data related to your SEO presence, run tests on your website and provide you with a robust collection of insights and strategies for success. Here's everything you get:

Position Report

We provide you with a detailed list of keywords that you currently rank in the top 100 for.

SEO Opportunties

With the provided information, we perscribe a course of action that will result in SEO success.

Quick Wins

You'll get a comprehensive list of quick win tasks normally related to technical issues and metadata.

Strategy Session

Every free audit includes a one-on-one 30-minute strategy session with our Head of Partnerships.

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