We deliver fee-paying clients to law firms using SEO strategies unique to our agency. Based in Melbourne.

Call (03) 8370 3315 SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms We deliver fee-paying clients to Lawyers and Law Firms using SEO strategies unique to our agency. We deliver fee-paying clients to Lawyers and Law Firms using SEO strategies unique to our agency. Learn More SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms
Search Engine Optimisation

We Deliver Fee-Paying Clients To Law Firms Using SEO

Our success comes down to our experience in marketing and understanding of human-intent. There is no template for what we do.

SEO Audits for Lawyers and Law Firms

SEO Services for Lawyers and Law Firms

We partner with lawyers and law firms round the world to dominate their area of practice and grow their firm using search engines.

Designed for the Legal Industry

Our SEO Services

We use our marketing experience and understanding of human behaviour to focus all our SEO efforts on the keywords that are going to generate the maximum amount of fee-paying clients for your law firm.

SEO Audits
The strategies we have been using for lawyers for over 2 decades will help you dominate your area of practice like never before.
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Local SEO
Our team is committed to results, not just better rankings. We partner with your law firm to consistently generate fee-paying clients.
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National SEO
We have the luxury of being marketers, not just SEO people, so the keywords we target deliver high-intent traffic on a national scale.
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Tondo Digital

A World Class SEO Agency

Our service is tailor-made for the Legal Industry

Maximize your presence on search engines and attract more fee-paying clients to your firm with an SEO service specifically designed for your type of business. Every client gets personalised management, weekly updates/calls, advanced reporting and quarterly reviews.

Discover the secrets
to SEO success
Our Team Members

Our SEO Team

Our specialised team has the marketing know-how, understanding of human behaviour and SEO experience to choose the most valuable keywords for your firm and develop strategies that deliver fee-paying clients.

Joshua Giuliani
Head of Partnerships
Steve Foura
Head of SEO
Pip Baddock
Technical SEO Manager

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    The secret to our success is that we put all our energy into dominating the keywords that show high user intent and potential for high conversion rates to deliver fee-paying clients to law firms in the short term.

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    Generate more fee-paying clients locally, nationally or internationally with precision by using elite link-building strategies and content creation frameworks that we outline in our blog articles.

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