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Lawyers Advocate,

Services Provided

Legal Referral,
Industry Network

Project Timeline

Project Duration:
3 months

Project Overview

Lawyers Advocate provides a service to clients in need of legal assistance. They refer their clients to selected, screened and quality checked law firms to ensure strong service quality.

As a new start-up, the free legal referral business approached Pip from Tondo Digital to assist after their newly launched website was failing to attract or convert customers. They had engaged a previous developer to create a website and do some SEO but there was little traffic or leads coming through, and so they gave an open brief to Pip to review their current site and marketing approach and work on building SEO to drive up results.

The engagement lasted around 3 months and involved building a body of SEO content articles optimised for key industry terms as well as other organic activities to drive leads.


Part of the challenge of conducting SEO for Lawyers Advocate was that they were a brand new website and domain name, and so rapidly building trust and authority was a key part of the objective. Not only that, but the previous website had a problematic SEO structure, and so the amendments to the site needed to take into account good clean SEO and on-page structure.


Tondo Digital arranged for content writers to build a strong body of optimised articles focusing on

  • Practice-based keywords (criminal lawyers, family lawyers) plus;
  • Service seeking terms such as “find a laywer”

We conducted on-page optimisation of all website content and aligned this to industry keyword research. We also set up comprehensive rank tracking, and a recording system to monitor the results of our SEO efforts.


The results for Lawyer’s Advocate were strong with a dramatic increase in website traffic and leads – resulting in over 15 strong enquiries per week to the business.

We were also able to generate traffic for a range of focused practice-based keywords relevant to the business:


Through improved site content, layout and messaging we were able to drive up the average time on page stats for the business with better user engagement.