We deliver fee-paying clients to law firms using SEO strategies unique to our agency. Based in Melbourne.

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National SEO for Law Firms

We are the specialists in SEO lead generation strategies for Law Firms operating nationally and internationally.

We use our marketing experience and understanding of human behaviour to focus all our efforts on the keywords that are going to generate the maximum amount of fee-paying clients for your firm.

Our World-Class Strategy

Once we have identified the keyword strategy unique to your law firm, location and area of practice, we utilise our signature process - the SEO Alignment Matrix™ - to get you as many fee-paying clients as we can, as quickly as we can.

Bespoke Strategy

We develop a strategy for each of our clients to meet specific needs for their area of practice.

Off-Page SEO

Backlinks are one of the most effective SEO strategies and we have perfected the process.

On-Page SEO

We are extremely skilled in identifying technical issues on your site and solving those problems.

Content Strategy

We show you exactly what you need to write about to get maximum results in your area of practice.

We're not just SEO people, we're marketing people, and this is what makes our systems so effective.

Our tools, processes, systems and team are all world-class and we put significant effort into maintaining this market dominance. If you're a family lawyer, a commercial lawyer, or any other type of lawyer operating nationally, we'd love to help.

A Service Designed for Law Firms

We Make The Process As Simple As Possible for you.

We've been working with law firms for a long time, so when a new client comes on, we know exactly what's going to happen in that project and when. So you're in good hands. All new clients are provided with a detailed 12-month SEO plan specific to their law firm - and that's yours to keep regardless of how long you stay with us.

Attract more fee-paying clients and book more billable hours with an SEO agency that focuses on real return on investment for law firms.

  • Our Focus
  • Onboarding
  • Deliverables

Our focus is on getting you fee-paying clients for your law firm - not just better rankings and organic. All of that stuff (and working with us) is pointless if you're not getting results.

We think this way because we are marketers and we believe SEO is a proactive marketing strategy. We look at SEO through the lens of human behaviour and intent, which allows us to identify opportunities that other SEO agencies just can't.

Our project will start with an onboarding call. Part of onboarding is finding out more about your business so we can accurately identify relevant keywords that will benefit your law firm.

We then enter a comprehensive keyword research and identification phase. With that keyword data that we acquire within this phase, we create a bespoke SEO plan unique to your law firm and area of practice.

From project management to communication and reporting, you are well looked after when you work with Tondo Digital. Detailed monthly reports and weekly calls are the norm.

We provide an SEO plan within the first month and commit to providing tangible results (meaning fee-paying clients) in the first 3 months.

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Our SEO Strategy

We have developed a 17-page PDF that outlines the unique SEO strategies we use to generate fee-paying clients for law firms. Download it today.
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