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Directory Management for Lawyers and Law Firms

Part of our Local and National SEO service packages involves extensive directory management to get your law firm in front of your ideal clients.

Being seen in the right places is pivotal in achieving organic lead generation dominance. And we have comprehensive, deeply refined directory management strategies that will generate fee-paying clients for your law firm.

What's Involved in Directory Management?

Directory Management is STILL an important part of any Search Engine Optimisation campaign – however it's not just a set and forget activity.

The reality is that Directory management is no longer a simple “automated” task, it now requires more rigorous research on three key components: quality directories; consistent information and identifying the right directories.

Directory Quality

We only select directories that are indexed by Google and are popular with good domain authority.

Directory Identification

We only choose the directories that are most relevant to your law firm and target market.

Updated Information

Google loves it when your information in directory listings match so we ensure it is all consistent.

Ongoing Communication

We keep you in the loop about what directories are quantifiably valuable to your law firm.
Our team has worked over the past 20 years working with some of the biggest and more influential law firms on the planet so we understand how to leverage Directory Management to deliver organic traffic boost as well as generate real referrals.

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