SEO Services for Law Firms

We identify and execute high-value high-intent keyword strategies that make it possible for our clients to attract fee-paying clients in their area of practice

Our search engine optimization core services include site structure optimisation, on-page SEO, backlinking development, tailored content strategies and our unique frameworks: Behavioural Keyword Mapping™ and the SEO Alignment Matrix™.

Local SEO Services

Outrank your competitors for area of practice-specific keywords in your state, county or suburb. Increase your domain authority and attract more fee-paying clients more often.

National SEO Services

Reach fee-paying clients on a national or international scale. Our extended approach to SEO is unmatched in it's ability to create domain authority that takes your firm to the top.


Our Team Knows What It Takes To Attract Fee-Paying Clients For Your Area Of Practice

SEO is fundamental to the organic growth of law firms all over the world, and we've done a lot of it. Our process is designed to take area of practice-specific keyword research, identify high-value keyword opportunities (we call this Behavioural Keyword Mapping™) and align that with a 3-layered approach to SEO.

The strategy we have developed over the past 20+ years is called the SEO Alignment Matrix™ and it is unique to Tondo Digital.

Behavioural Keyword Mapping™

We identify long-tail keyword opportunities to maximise SEO results for law firms in the shortest period of time. This process relies on over 20+ years doing what we do best.

SEO Alignment Matrix™

Our overall strategy for SEO success (and more fee-paying clients for our clients) involves crafting a bespoke keyword plan and executing a 3-channel operation.

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