SEO Audits for Law Firms

Our audits give law firms the direction they need to attract more fee-paying clients and become a leader in their area of practice.

A Tondo Digital Free SEO Audit will show you what your site is doing well and what your site is doing poorly.

Designed to give you complete clarity about where you need to focus your time and energy to improve your search ranking.

We will research, strategise and outline the exact steps you need to take to improve your SEO ranking online.

We uncover the quick wins and necessary tasks to improve your site ranking.

Discover the tasks you MUST complete ASAP to attract more fee-paying clients.

A strong backlink profile will propel you to the top of Google rankings - do you have one?

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We know what it takes to attract fee-paying clients to your law firm

Anyone can generate a keyword report, but what does it really tell you?

The team at Tondo Digital calls on decades of experience to create audits which are a true reflection of what you should focus on and where you can get the biggest bang for your SEO buck.

Your Site's Raw Keyword Data

We use elite industry tools to gain insight about your site

Behavioural Keyword Mapping™

Our unique process of identifying key opportunities is market-leading

SEO Alignment Matrix™

That data gets plugged into our company framework for SEO success

Behavioural Keyword Mapping™ and the SEO Alignment Matrix™ are systems and frameworks developed by the team at Tondo Digital. There is no template for what we do.

We are a market-leading SEO agency that knows what it takes to rank your site for your area of practice and to attract more fee-paying clients to your firm.

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