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Hunt and Hunt is a boutique legal firm based in Melbourne specialising in commercial work for companies of all sizes as well as government, insurance and matters for private clients.


Hunt & Hunt approached Tondo Digital with a brief to improve their Search Engine Optimisation for a brand new site. Despite being a substantial practice group with offices in 5 cities, their website SEO was not ideal, and their website not reflecting the substance and professionalism of the firm.


Part of the key challenge with the Hunt & Hunt business was to conduct a comprehensive keyword research exercise and prepare SEO recommendations encompassing a dual focus on:

  1. 18 areas of Industry focus and servicing of industry-specific needs (eg. Agribusiness, International Trade, Energy & Resources etc), and;
  2. 21 areas of Legal Practice Area focus (eg. Corporate M&A, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Employment & Workplace Relations etc)

An additional challenge of the project was to merge both technical SEO considerations, with user experience and usability to deliver not only an SEO friendly technical structure and content base for the site, but a layout and navigation experience that both answered customers questions about the firm, and importantly drove users to the vital objective of getting in touch with partners directly and the firm as a whole.


We prepared over 100 pages of detailed industry analysis and keyword research in order to guide the firm to a focus on a small number of high priority industries and legal practice areas, focusing in on 6 industries and 5 areas of practice delivering the greatest returns for the practice. We prepared a new blog structure and content categorisation system that better-allowed google’s search engines, and users to access content in a logical and structured fashion.

We also conducted an iterative engagement with Hunt & Hunt around how to better enable people search and created a dynamic AJAX-based search capability allowing visitors to search by partner, practice area, keyword, and capability for partners and principles of the firm to showcase the capabilities of the substantial Hunt & Hunt team.


The project ran across the following 12 month period and delivered a fresh, highly professional website design and a dramatic lift in enquiries via the firm website when the new website was launch in Feb 2019.

The project delivered fully optimised practice area pages covering a wide breadth of practice and industry keywords and subjects.

Through a better content structure and messaging we were able to drive up the time-on-page users spent on the site by almost 50%

0.09% CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

From The Client

“Pip and the team helped transform our results from digital marketing, and build a beautiful website as well – job well done”.

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