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Draftdocs is a legal documents supplier providing legal contracts, partnership and trust documents, company formation and important legal documents supporting Australian businesses and individuals.


Draftdocs relied primarily on online purchase of their legal documents, and while they were getting results form pay per click advertising they were looking to both increase their sales through online visitors, and also reduce spend on pay per click advertising in the medium term.


Draftdocs was achieving good results with Google Ads but had few if any strong ranks in SEO / organic search and the cost of customer acquisition therefore was unacceptably high. They were looking to improve profitability of their online sales and grow the business through strong google ranks and results.


We analysed the website structure and identified that key SEO opportunities were being missed, in that the site had literally hundreds of very strong document samples, each listed on their own product catalog listings but poor SEO optimisation meant that Draftdocs was not getting credit for these in Google’s eyes.

We implemented a fully optimised product catalog where each document type page was optimised for keywords relating to that document type.  We included document sample content presenting strong and relevant content for Google to crawl.   We pursued a two pronged SEO strategy including:

  • “Long-tail” optimisation of their hundreds of document pages for all the specific document-type keywords and;
  • We engaged in a programme of link outreach and content marketing to build up third party links to their site allowing them to rank for the industry ‘money words’ (legal documents, legal forms) and related keywords.


We built the site traffic from around 50 visits a day to over 300 visits a day over a 12 month period.

We helped the firm increase their online sales by over 500% over the same period.

We help build a strong source of traffic from incredibly relevant document names and type keywords

Sample of top traffic keywords after optimisation was completed:

From The Client

“Amazing results – we’re getting over 300 visits a day to our website, and very happy with the SEO work”

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