Comprehensive SEO Audits for Law Firms

Get ready to absolutely dominate your area of practice with a real strategy for success.

Bespoke success strategies

A Comprehensive SEO Audit will not only point out the pitfalls of your website, it will outline EXACTLY what you need to do to remedy the issue.

A Comprehensive SEO Audit undertaken by the team at Tondo Digital takes the analysis from the Basic Audit to the next level. With a Comprehensive Audit, we will research, strategise and outline the exact steps you need to take to improve your SEO ranking online. Perfect for a law firm that has an established marketing team but just needs some guidance from the pros. Unlock consistent organic leads and grow your law firm with a Comprehensive SEO Audit.

Our experienced team has worked with some of the largest and most influential law firms on the planet, so we know what it takes to outrank the competitors in your area of practice.

Using world-class tools and programs we will identify the strengths/weaknesses of your site and using our superior knowledge of SEO for law firms, we will develop a strategy for your success.

Saving you time & energy

Don't have the time or resources to develop a professional organic lead generation plan for your firm? No worries. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and point your team in the right direction.

Outrank your competitors

We will detail your bespoke success strategies with extreme precision so that your team can quickly and easily turbocharge your online presence.

Effective Web Development Solutions

For every position below number 1 on Google, law firms receive about 50% fewer clicks. Even if you don't have the time or resources to hire an SEO expert, it doesn't mean you can't have a superior organic lead generation strategy. The Comprehensive SEO Audit is very similar to what our retainer clients receive at the start of our project together. If attracting more ideal clients to your firm and increasing billable hours matter to you, this is the audit you are looking for!


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