high quality service & digital marketing experience is a winning combination

It doesn't take a team of 15 developers to develop a website these days, nor does it take much effort to throw an ad on Facebook. It's not out of the question to build a website & market it for the cost of a main course at Vue de Monde, but the fact is it won't achieve the results your business is looking for. The precious commodity in digital marketing today is service & experience - and those are the two things that separate Tondo Digital from the competition.

Joshua Giuliani is the Managing Director of Tondo Digital and has over a decade of branding, advertising, sales and digital marketing experience. Josh takes the time to get to know each and every one of Tondo's clients so that a unique business solution can be designed - every business in Australia has a story and every story is unique.

Tondo Digital is based in Prahran in Victoria and all work is conducted either out of the Prahran office or with Australian-based companies who understand the Australian market.

Joshua Giuliani

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